"We really liked LMFYFF's wry exploration of the existentialist pondering of a being disguised as a rock in a setting of well- known cartoon backgrounds. Inventive and intelligent work." OAO receives a Special Mention, Award for Best Experimental Film, 8th London Short Film Festival


"This witty distanciation from the normal codes and con- ventions of the cartoon is also a ready commentary upon the ways British animators have used them, opening up these codes and conventions for revisionist play with, and the comic interrogation of, British socio-cultural idioms."
From British Comedy Cinema (Routledge) Ch. 15 'Wit, whimsy & wishful thinking in British animation, 1900-present', Paul Wells


Ontologically Anxious Organism is an ongoing episodic series of animations and comic strips. The animations are distributed by Light Cone Paris. Read LMFYFF talking about the work in Acting Dumb & Playing Dead by Angela Kingston.