"It is all a matter of reproduction. Cartoons and comics are often populated by families, little bands of somehow-related squabblers and jerks: from The Katzenjammer Kids through The Kin-der Kids, The Flintstones to Family Guy. Families are products of reproduction (the biological, genetical sort), as are comics and cartoons (the technological sort). The adventures of the familial gangs get technologically reproduced as multiples (sky-high piles of comic books, numerous reels of celluloid), originals that proliferate themselves willy-nilly. Reproduction works itself out in comics and cartoons as its mode of operation. Week on week, episode after episode, cartoons and comics reproduce the same situations, the same constellations, the same fights. Most likely some character suffers identical humiliations at the hands of an ever-returning antagonist – Krazy Kat versus Ignatz, Tweety versus Sylvester, Tom versus Jerry, Bugs Bunny versus Elmer Fudd, affinative-unaffinative pairings who share at least stylistic resemblances and are as bound up with each other as those condemned to a marriage. In the situations devised by Let Me Feel Your Finger First, family relations and re-iterated antagonism coincide..."

Esther Leslie
from her essay 'Let Me Feel Your Finger First: Meet the Family'

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